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Senior Product Manager



Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Posted on Wednesday, October 4, 2023
The Opportunity
Sitetracker is at an amazing phase of our product journey. We have established proven product-market fit across multiple industries, such as fueling the global 5G revolution at companies like AT&T and Vodafone, empowering connectivity via WIFI kiosks in NYC and London, and changing the way that alternative energy businesses are deploying their assets in our race to 2050. To help continue our growth and reach new markets, we are seeking a Senior Product Manager to join our fantastic Product team.
Your mission will be to evolve our product by determining the what, why, and when of the business challenges that we solve for companies building and maintaining the world's future infrastructure. The evolution of our product must ensure we are choosing the right problems with the right ROI. You will partner with Product Design and Engineering teams to validate and solve these problems through an immersive customer discovery process. You’ll use your understanding of the market to drive clear requirements and prioritization as solutions are developed deep into delivery. You’ll see these new capabilities to market, measuring success, and iterating where needed until the problem is truly solved.
With that in mind, we are looking for an experienced Product Manager that has the customer passion that drives you to find elegant solutions to complex challenges that will improve the lives of customers. The right candidate will set a high bar for your own contributions, your teams' contributions, and your product. Success requires embracing highly collaborative feedback loops, the ability to turn ambiguity into clarity, and utilizing your extraordinary communication skills to drive alignment and influence cross-functionally.

The Skill Set:

  • Deeply understand and systematically analyze the market, the competition, our customers, our users, our business, and technology trends
  • Identify market opportunities and establish the overall vision, strategy, and goals for your product area
  • Leverage both quantitative and qualitative insights, observations, and your product sense to make strategic decisions
  • Develop a product roadmap that supports both product-level and company-level OKRs, as well as be accountable for those results
  • Evangelize the vision, strategy, and roadmap to build excitement and inspire the company to achieve unified outcomes
  • Work as a multi-discipline team comprised of Product Management, Product Design, and Engineering to define problems and develop solutions that deliver strong value to our customers and to Sitetracker
  • Create product clarity and drive prioritized focus for not only Product and Engineering but for all departments in the company
  • Develop user scenarios, use cases, and requirements that can be translated into robust, scalable, and intuitive technical solutions. Including participating and actively contributing to Scrum activities
  • Define, analyze, and share metrics that inform the success and health of the overall product, releases, and features
  • Collaborate with Product Marketing, Customer Success, Sales, Implementations, and Marketing to align solutions with business goals and ensure successful go-to-market and ongoing operations

Within 60 Days, You'll:

  • Become familiar with our internal tools and Product Playbook
  • Gain a strong technical understanding of the Sitetracker product and capabilities
  • Be able to articulate the value Sitetracker provides to our customers, the problems we solve, the people we solve them for, and the market segments we’re in
  • Become Sitetracker Certified to gather a breadth of knowledge of the entire Sitetracker product, even beyond the area that you own
  • Inherit the current roadmap for your product area and begin collaborating with your Scrum team to ensure the continuous delivery of value as you become integrated within the Sitetracker Product Team
  • Start building relationships with cross-functional teams such as Sales, Implementations, Customer Success, and Marketing

Within 180 Days, You'll:

  • Establish lines of communication with customers and engage in activities such as roadmap reviews, customer feedback sessions, and user interviews
  • Become the go-to person for Engineering, Product Design, and Product Marketing in your product area
  • Collaboratively define a roadmap that shows how your product area is likely to evolve over the next year
  • Be deeply involved in product discovery, uncovering and validating business problems, and iteratively defining solutions
  • Drive the delivery of several current roadmap items
  • Begin contributing to the improvement of our Product Management frameworks, methodologies, and processes
  • Partner with your Product Marketing counterparts for a product launch that delivers new capabilities to our customers

Within 365 Days, You'll:

  • Be a subject matter expert in the market, our business, and our product
  • Have guided the company through an entire end-to-end product development cycle–identifying and validating a market problem, defining success, incorporating it into the roadmap, iteratively defining the right solution, leading engineering through the development of features, launching new capabilities to market, observing and measuring the results, communicating our progress to the company, and releasing follow-on product improvements needed to confirm we’ve hit our goal
  • Have strong working relationships with all the cross-functional teams in the company that allows you to rapidly deliver new ideas and features
  • Have visibly and measurably levelled up our Product Management operational excellence
About Sitetracker
Sitetracker was founded ten years ago with the singular focus of solving a problem that was first recognized within the telecommunications industry; how to effectively manage the volume, variety, and velocity of critical infrastructure projects needed to meet the demand of expanding wireless and cellular service. That problem has become even more pronounced due to the eventual explosion of 5G. Being able to effectively deploy infrastructure is going to be the differentiator between leading telecommunication providers.
However, over the years, we realized that this challenge isn’t localized to telecommunications – it’s pervasive nearly everywhere and has reached an inflection point. Utilities (such as gas and electric services), smart cities, and alternative energy all face similar challenges. Sitetracker is the only full-lifecycle project management platform suited to support these companies and address these challenges.
We are exceptionally proud of the company we’ve built (we were recently recognized as the #2 place to work in San Francisco, as well as one of the top places to work in the entire United States). Our people are extraordinary and we’re continuing to invest in our people-first culture.